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Added on : 2018-10-13 19:11:18

Imagine a life where you don't have to stop at all, not even at a traffic red light or a signal. What if your car was smart enough to communicate with other cars and you just don't have to deal with traffic at all. This future is not very far, carmakers across the world are working towards connected cars that could coordinate their movements in order to go through them at intersections or traffic signals without stopping. Ford is already working to make this dream a reality and has made quite a bit of progress on this end. Ford is currently testing this technology in the United Kingdom and says that this will reduce the travel time and also reduce crashes at the intersection. In European countries, the average time spent by drivers at traffic signals accounts for two days per year and also 60% of crashes take place at intersections. Ford believes that with connected cars this could be a thing of the past and is currently experimenting with “Intersection Priority Management” (IPM) system in a town in England named Milton Keynes. This system uses car-to-car communication and technology is as simple as a Wi-Fi-like communication mode that allows cars to send and receive signals for communications.

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