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Added on : 2018-08-02 17:38:01

The mystery of Bermuda Triangle – a 5,00,000 km square patch in the Atlantic Ocean – has baffled many for decades. At least 75 planes and hundreds of ships have reportedly disappeared under mysterious circumstances while crossing the Bermuda Triangle. This has also given birth to a number of conspiracy theories including that of sub-sea pyramids to hexagonal clouds and alien bases. Also known as the Devil’s Triangle, the region between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda has reportedly claimed the lives of  1,000 people in the last 100 years. Scientists often refer rogue waves as ‘extreme storm waves’. These waves can reach a height of up to 100 feet and are very spontaneous. Rogue waves were first observed in 1997 by a satellite off the coast of South Africa, The Sun reported.
“The waves are more than twice the size of surrounding waves, are very unpredictable, and often come unexpectedly from directions.” Daily Mail quoted National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration in its report.

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