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Added on : 2018-04-04 18:40:52

Have you ever heard of condom challenge? Well, it is a latest social media fad where a condom is snorted and it's quite popular among youngsters nowadays. The challenge has gone viral online through YouTube videos and social media.
What is condom challenge? 
It is the latest internet challenge where people, especially teenagers insert an unwrapped condom into their nose and snort it into the nasal cavity, pulling it out of the throat through the mouth. Another type of condom challenge also went viral way back in 2015, where a water-filled condom was dropped onto the head of the person taking part in the challenge leaving them drenching. After completing the challenge, participants posted a video on social media.
The challenge has been around for several years, but recently, it resurfaced online and many people are trying it out now. According to a report in Daily Mail, health experts have warned that snorting condoms not only poses a serious choking risk but could also lead to infection. They have urged people to stop participating in the potentially dangerous trend. As per the report, the challenge has been around for more than a decade with YouTube videos dating back to 2007. Another channel devoted to the challenge created in 2013 has more than 100 videos of people participating.

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