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Added on : 2018-10-29 17:29:30

Hailing from Kotputli in rural Rajasthan Dr RP Yadav did something extraordinary which changed the live of 40 and more girls. While most of us plan to save PF money for old days, this man did not gave a second thought and break his PF of Rs 19 lakh to buy a bus for college-going girls. On a heavy downpour day when Yadav and his wife gave lift to five girls, they came to know about the tragic situation about how these girls travel to their college. As there was no means of means of transport, the girls had to walk to college every day. This conversation also made Yadav aware of the constant eve-teasing the girls had to face on their daily commute
Thanks to his large heartedness, 40 girls from places like Ramnagar and Bhopalpura are able to travel to college free of cost. The doctor called the same five girls who had first made him aware of the situation to perform the pooja for the bus.

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