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Added on : 2019-02-11 17:29:10

Ahmedabad renowned H.K Arts and Commerce college did not allow the programme of former college Student Jignesh Mewani by the opposition party. Pro's against the decision of Arts College Trustees Hemant Kumar Shah is the most acute reactions in the world of education resigning from Principal. Pro. Shah has shocked the trustees of the college in the resignation of two and a half pages. He reminded the trustees of citing the well-known Nobel Prize winner economist Friedrich von Hayek, that independence would only survive if he came out of fear and redness. He reminded the trustees that the decision of the trustees is painful, shameful and inadequate, when the trustees cancel their program for their own students, instead of encouraging the students of the same college, instead of encouraging them, the Trustees reminded the trustees that he was a college student.  This is an attack on freedom of speech and expression. There is also a right that any citizen of India has the right to express his views. In the past, college leaders have publicly joined the protest against various governments. He said with in sadness that in this college trustees, Padmashree Balkrishana Doshi, Padmashree Kumarpal Desai and Gyanpith award winner literature writer Raghuveer Chaudhary, but he did not support the program of Mewani. Which is the harm to the honor and dignity of this college. Such a decision of the trustees has also lowered their reputation of college and trustees. So I am sending resignation to acharya..! Thus, a well-known college trustee was well-advised not only to support his predecessor but also stood behind the political pressure and the threat. As you tell me, my father ... holding the feet of some student leaders, proved that these college trustees have become quite weak and very lukewarm. When the education institutions have got names in history by giving guidance to the oppressed rulers, some college authorities have taken the reputation of the College into a dash after further admiring political pressure for any Padma Shri or Padma Bhushan. The information received during this time shows that the college's Vice President Mohanbhai Parmar also resigned as a vicePrincipal against the decision of the trustees. Of course, Hemant Kumar Shah and Mohanbhai Parmar will continue as a professor in this same college. He has given resignation only from the post.



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