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Added on : 2019-02-09 18:54:53

All the political parties have come to the attacking turn on mission 2019. The round-the-clock phase has started as soon as the election approaches. This comes after Gandhi in a press conference on Friday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of being directly involved in the deal with France by running a parallel negotiation. In order to counter this, the Bharatiya Janata Party too does not want to stay behind. While addressing Rahul Gandhi's allegations as false, BJP has responded. Based on an English newspaper report, the Congress president had accused PM Modi of corruption in Rafael.

BJP tweeted in gruffly and said that Rahul should be given the Nobel Prize for lying.


Here is the list of lies compiled by the BJP:


Lie number 1: The BJP accused the Congress president of twisting some report which appeared in a French media house saying that making Reliance an offsets partner was a tradeoff for Dassault to secure the with India.

Fact: However, both the Supreme Court and Dassault CEO have said that the Indian government had nothing to do with the choice of offsets partners.

Lie number 2: Liar Rahul misleading the poor level of propaganda and lied that the Supreme Court has caught irregularities in connection with the deal. Such misleading publicity on the judicial subject is extremely poor.

Fact: The Supreme Court dismissed the petitions filed by Congress proxies and held government has done no wrong.

Lie number 3: liar Rahul claim that a senior officer at MoD was ‘punished’ by the Modi government for submitting a dissent note on Rafale deal.

Fact: the BJP said that his lies came crashing down after the official in question denied any kind of ‘punishment’.

Lie number 4: liar Rahul says that former French-President Holand had called PM Modi and the Indian government had asked Reliance to make a recording partner in the deal.

Fact: Holland himself has denied such allegations by himself. The French government has also released an official statement in this regard.

Lie number 5: Liar Rahul had lied even in the Parliament that he personally met French President Macrons. Macros told them that there is no secret of privacy in the Rafael Deal.

Fact: The French government also issued a statement against this lie and said that there has been an agreement between the two parties not to share confidential information.

Lie number 6: liar Rahul told the price of the aircraft in different deals during the UPA government.

• In Parliament, he speaks 520 crores

• In Karnataka, he speaks 526 million

• In Rajasthan, he said 540 million

• In Delhi, he told 700 million

Conclusion: The Nobel Prize should be given for lying.

Lie number 7: On Rahul’s accusation that the processes and procedures laid down for military acquisitions were flouted by PM Modi’s government.

Fact: The Honourable Supreme Court said in its judgment, "We do not suspect any irregularities in this process and we are satisfied.

Lie number 8: liar Rahul said that Negotiate to this deal in the UPA 526/520/540 (one place, one price), while the NDA has fixed the deal for Rs 1,600 crore.

Conclusion: Want to compare between false apple and orange. The NDA government has negotiated better price and the price fixed is the Rafale aircraft with the entire operating package.

Lie number 9: Rahul said the aim of the construction of 36 aircraft is to benefit political 'friends' (political “cronies”) and it has harmed the Air Force.

Fact: The Honourable Supreme Court said, "The decision has been taken with the aim of modernizing the army." This decision is going to increase the capacity of the army and the Air Force is also happy.

Lie number 10:  Accusing the Congress president of conniving with the newspaper which published the report on PMO’s interference during Rafale negotiation.

Fact: the BJP accused the newspaper of cropping photo.

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