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Added on : 2018-09-17 09:09:08

A Bengaluru couple has been restrained by the Supreme Court from filing any new case against each other since they already have 67 cases between them over the last seven years of litigation. "We restrain both from instituting any fresh litigation in relation to the pending disputes, be it criminal or civil against each other or the members of their family or against the school where the child is now studying, or advocates on either side, without express permission from the High Court," said a bench headed by Justice Kurian Joseph. 
Husband is a software engineer holding a US citizenship and has filed 58 cases against his estranged wife. On the other hand, the wife, now living in Bengaluru, has filed nine cases against him. The cases range from domestic violence to contempt of court. They got married in 2002 and went to the US. Their child was born in 2009. After the relationship soured, the woman, an MBA, came back to Bengaluru to her parental home. Then began the spate of cases against each other. The court also directed the courts in Bengaluru to decide within six months their petitions for divorce, custody of the child and all other cases pending between them. 

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