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Added on : 2018-10-04 18:17:51

A full-size Hyperloop capsule, designed to carry passengers at 1,000 kilometres per hour, was unveiled Tuesday by United States-based Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. The capsule was unveiled at Puerto de Santa Maria in Spain. Named “Quintero One,” it has been made with dual-layer smart composite material designed to be extra resilient. It is around 105 feet (32 meters) long and weighing five tons. It will be moved to France’s Toulouse for additional assembly before use on one of the first commercial tracks. The capsule has 72 sensors, 75,000 rivets and 7,200 square metres of fibre.
Hyperloop is based on a system that uses magnet-powered passenger capsules in a vacuum tube to accelerate travellers to rapid speeds. It gained popularity after billionaire Elon Musk touted it in 2013. No commercial Hyperloop tracks are up and running as of now. Many states, including Maharashtra, are interested in constructing Hyperloop tracks. The NITI Aayog has been tasked with putting together a regulatory framework for Hyperloop projects.

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