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Added on : 2020-07-11 16:01:01

Looking at the rising number of coronavirus patients in Surat, the Ahmedabad civic authorities and the State Transport services have decided to restrict the entry of visitors from the Diamond City and South Gujarat to Ahmedabad.
The Gujarat State Roads and Transport Corporation (GSRTC) has taken two decisions intending to put a curb on visitors to Ahmedabad city coming from South Gujarat, especially from Surat. The GSRTC has decided to stop the ST bus services for travel to Ahmedabad from Surat. Another decision is that all the buses coming from south Gujarat to other parts of the state will not be allowed entry in Ahmedabad and they will have to bypass the city. Similarly, the Additional Chief Secretary (ACS) Rajiv Kumar Gupta, who has been designated as special officer for the Covid-19 situation in Ahmedabad, took a decision for the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation on Thursday, to screen all the vehicles from south Gujarat entering Ahmedabad, at toll plazas on the Express Highway.



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