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Added on : 2019-02-16 17:30:31

Since last few days, Rahul Gandhi keeps attacking the Modi government's plans. Prior to the election, once again Rahul went on a state tour. Rahul has attacked the Modi government very fiercely. After a big win in the assembly elections, Congress President Rahul Gandhi is constantly visiting Chhattisgarh. Addressing a farming convention here, Rahul fiercely attacked PM Narendra Modi and the Central Government. While addressing the massive tribal farmers' rights conference here, Rahul said that Modiji gave Anil Ambani 45 thousand crores but given the country's farmer a sum of three rupees. Modiji came out with plans to give farmers Rs 17 a day and during the budget, his ministers were not tired of tapping the tables. The Congress president promised that if the government is formed at the center then the Congress will guarantee the minimum income. While addressing the farmers, he said that your land was taken from you in the Tata plant and that no work has been done for it since last 10 years, you had demanded to return your land. We promised to give it back. We have fulfilled the promise. Rahul said that this is the first state in the country which has given the farmers their land back. You have the right to water, forest and land. Your water, your land and your forest. You should get the benefit of the product in the forest. Documents of 4359 acres of land acquired for the affected 1707 farmers of the acquired land for the Tata Steel Plant in the program were submitted.

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