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Added on : 2021-02-25 14:09:08

After the struggle for independence, not only journalists have done journalism through newspapers, but have also carried their enthusim through poetry with a vague tradition of voicing the pain and public sentiments of their time. 
The second cultural evening of the Indian Press Festival, a ceremony dedicated to the word identity of the State Press Club, Indore, was unique in itself.
The cultural evening of the Indian Journalism Festival, 'Tarana Patrakarita', enchanted the audience so much that they felt the flow and energy of the voices of the revolution. The chemistry of Rajesh Badal (word), Alok Tyagi (memoir) and Alok Bajpayee (music) made such an impression that the evening became memorable for the audience.
There was talk of songs of the revolution, which was completely different from the usual musical events, the memories of Dushyant Kumar, the Founder of the Hindi ghazal and optimistic songs sung by the people. After welcoming of the guests by MLA Malini Laxman Singh Gaur, State Press Club President Praveen Khariwal, Senior Journalist Sudesh Tiwari and Kamal Kasturi, Senior Journalist and former Editor of Rajya Sabha TV Rajesh Badal said that poets contributed significantly to the freedom struggle through their compositions. Badal reminded the contributions of the artists one after another through his creations. Rare videos of composition by some lyricists like Sarve Shailendra, Sahir Ludhianvi, Makhanlal Chaturvedi, Bhupen Hazarika, etc. were also reeled by Badal in his presentation, while some famous and some forgotten songs were written by senior journalist, singer and flute player Alok Bajpai brought his voice to life. Alok Tyagi also read two of Dushyant Kumar's Composition and told many interesting and memorable stories about Dushyant Kumar as a son, a reader and a writer. The audience was mesmerized and listened to the entire session.
In the second part of the cultural evening, singer Alok Bajpayee gave a provocative performance of Dushyant Kumar's composition and poets who exposed the imperfections of the country's system after independence.Beyond the narcissism of Mashuq ke Jalwo and Saki ki Najakat se pare Bhukho  - the composition of Sarva Adam Goundavi, Nagarjuna, Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena, Pash, etc., who made the subject of their creations the pain of the victims, were presented with full spirit and zeal. 
Shri Dushyant Kumar's provocative performance had such an effect that even Shri Alok Tyagi and Shri Rajesh Badal could not stop themselves from singing with enthusiasm not just once but many times during the event. The combined performance of the three creation artisans wearing red mufflers in black clothes brought alive the energy of the revolution.



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