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Added on : 2024-06-22 11:14:52

Four members of the billionaire Hinduja family have been sentenced to between four and 4.5 years in prison by a Swiss court for exploiting their household staff at their villa on Lake Geneva. However, the court has rejected the charges of human trafficking, AP reported.

Prakash Hinduja and his wife Kamal were handed 4.5 year sentences each. Their son Ajay and his wife, Namrata, were sentenced each to four years. The four accused will appeal the order before a higher court.

In its order, the Swiss court said the Hinduja family members were guilty of exploiting the workers and providing them with meagre health benefits. The court also noted that the wages paid to the staffers were less than one-tenth the pay for such jobs in Switzerland.

Editor & Publisher : Dr Dhimant Purohit


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