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Added on : 2019-04-20 20:30:30

Another day in the election season, another controversial remark by a politician. This time around, the statement comes from a Gujarat minister. Gujarat Tribal Minister Ganpat Vasava was speaking at a tribal gathering in Dediapada in Narmada district, part of Bharuch Lok Sabha constituency.

In a bid to tell voters who are the better leader, Vasava ended up calling PM Modi a 'lion' and Rahul Gandhi a 'puppy'. That's not all though, he said Rahul Gandhi is a puppy who will wag his tail for whoever gives him roti (bread).

"When PM Modi stands, it looks like the lion of Gujarat is standing. When Rahul Gandhi stands, it looks like the puppy of a dog is there wagging its tail, if Pakistan offers it a 'roti', it'll go there & if China offers it 'roti', it'll go there as well," Ganpat Vasava said.

However, this is not the first time Ganpat Vasava has gone after Rahul Gandhi in a controversial manner. Last month, he stoked controversy for demanding proof for Congress workers' belief that Rahul Gandhi is the reincarnation of Lord Shiva. Vasava said that Rahul Gandhi's "Shiva reincarnation" can be considered true only if he survives after having "500 grams of poison". "If he survives like Lord Shiva after consuming poison, we will all believe he is the true reincarnation of Lord Shiva" Vasava claimed.

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