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Added on : 2020-06-20 16:14:15

Former finance minister P Chidambaram on Saturday targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his statement that there had been no intrusion (Chinese) in Indian Territory and asked if the PM has given a "clean chit" to China for the Galwan Valley face-off which claimed the lives of 20 Indian Army personnel.
Taking to Twitter, the Congress leader asked five questions to the Central government. One of them enquired why was there a clash between troops on June 16-17 if there was no foreigner in Indian territory.

Chidambaram also questioned the government over the need to hold talks about "disengagement" of troops by China and India if there was no intrusion.

"If there was no intrusion or violation of LAC, why was there so much talk about "disengagement" of troops by both sides? If there was no intrusion by Chinese troops at all, what did the Corps Commanders talk about on June 6? Was it about the weather?" he wrote.
Quoting foreign minister S Jaishankar, he asked if no Chinese troops had crossed the LAC into Indian territory, why did the foreign minister's statement refer to "restoration of status quo ante"?
"Has the Prime Minister given a clean chit to China? If so, what is there to negotiate with China? Why are the Major Generals negotiating and about what?", he asked



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