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Added on : 2020-06-28 22:01:06

Very few Indian Gujarati made a name in Hollywood, and out of that, few come to Rima Mori. ‘The Only Woman Director in Hollywood who comes from Gujarat-India.’

Today when the whole world is creating History women play an important role in it. In the time of empowerment and chaos here is another inspirational story of Rima Mori, a Gujarati born Hollywood Director and Producer. She may be the first Gujarati Female to reach Hollywood and work there as a Director and Producer. Rima was born in Junagadh and grew up in Ahmedabad.

Like many people her journey too was not easy. Let us tell you how she followed her passion of filmmaking and storytelling which lead her to the Hollywood, Los Angeles. Growing up in a middle-class family Rima was introduced to the western cinema by her ambitious mother. She watched her first Hollywood movie Jurassic Park, an Adventure film by the one and only Steven Spielberg, after that it was hard for her to stop. As a teenager she enjoyed watching the makings of the movies and shortly after her bachelor and post-graduation she got admission in the prestigious New York Film Academy, Los Angeles. She gained professional experience during her studies and work in Hollywood for 4 years.

She Directed and Produced several award-winning short films such as My Girl, Baby’s Night out, Queen’s Game, Slumberland, Winter Girl and Beggar and Painter – A story based on Oscar Wilde’s short stories. ‘I have always believed that there is no limit in cinematic story telling and that is the most interesting part about filmmaking. Films educate, inspire, showcase talent and do so much and changes a person’s life by just telling a story with visuals. Isn’t it amazing?’ Says Rima.

In the beginning of her career she worked for Eurus Productions in Los Angeles. ‘My inspiration comes from great directors such as Steven Spielberg, Greta Gerwig, Andrea Arnold, Guy Ritchie, Jodie Foster, Meghana Gulzar, Jennifer Lee, Zoya Akhtar and many others.’ All of them have their own method of telling stories and they are unique. As a Director I am also focused on what king of stories I want to tell and why. There is a ‘Why’ behind everything in filmmaking and I love the whole process.’

Was it easy for you to pick to be a Director in Hollywood? :’Well, it is hard to explain- and I am extremely grateful of my parents and my brother for believing in me and pushing me to pursue my passion, I grew up in India and the culture is a little overwhelming when it comes to working under a woman which I have witnessed many times. So, when I moved to Los Angeles, I saw a discipline and respect in people I worked with which was quiet an experience, a different one.

Attending New York film Academy in Los Angeles was a life changing experience.’ A profession which is male dominating even though women are coming forward slowly, Rima has stands still to further herself in the industry as an Indian Hollywood Director and Producer.

She is also working on a theatre play called ‘Private Wars’ and a feature film called ‘The Dry State’ which she wrote. It is her belief that if you are lucky enough to choose a profession you love it is you must use it to bring good change around you. Rima is not just a filmmaker, but she is also a photographer and an environment activist. The journey has just begun for her and there is so much to learn, craft and tell in the future.



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