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Added on : 2019-07-09 15:48:12

In a shocking incident, a loco pilot who was operating Gwalior-Ahmedabad superfast train was assaulted and abused by a gau rakshak on three different places. The incident took place on Saturday between Sidhpur and Mehsana junction. The train had run over a cow.

As per the complaint filed with Mehsana GRP, a cow had suddenly jumped on the track at 11.17 am on Saturday near Sidhpur junction in Patan district. The stationmaster showed the red signal but despite that the train operated by the loco pilot, GA Jhala ran into the cow.

Post the incident, the loco pilot got off the train and contacted the railway staff to get the carcass removed from the engine. During that, a passenger on the train appeared abruptly and started abusing Jhala for killing the cow.

The man identified himself as a gau rakshak and assaulted Jhala severely. In some time, about 150 more gau rakshaks from nearby gathered at the spot and started to scare the loco pilot, the complaint states.

Jhala again contacted the railway station and informed about the incident and that the gau rakshaks wanted the cow carcass to be removed respectfully. As per a railway official, there were 1500-odd passengers on the train which had stopped ahead of the Saraswati river bridge and it was not safe to stop at the bridge.

The same men again assaulted Jhala at Kamli and Unjha junction, when the train stopped to have the carcass removed fully. The man again attacked him when the loco pilot got off the train at Mehsana. But this time a cop intervened into the matter and the accused was taken into the custody.

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