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Added on : 2020-10-18 22:05:42

With the government banning the organisation of Garba, the traditional folk dance performed on all nine nights of Navratri, citizens across the state have come up with innovative solutions to celebrate the festival. They say nobody can really stop a Gujarati from performing garba; perhaps not even the pandemic! Even though local or commercial events are not taking place in line with government guidelines, Gujaratis have managed to take garba to the virtual space as well.

Swargurjari School of Performing Arts has started online Garba for all 9 days from 9 PM onwards in the name of "Ghare Ghare Garba" with the help of Digital India due to pandemic. "This pandemic has taught us that even Garba can turn into a house party. Initially it felt weird to dance indoors. One feels energised in a large gathering and live music. In a virtual session, the magic of the crowd is missing but one can have fun by creating one’s own playlist and dance”, said Sonal Majumdar, Founder of Swargurjari School of Performing arts.

She further added, “We wanted to come up with something wherein everyone can enjoy safely at home with their families. That is the reason there is no age or gender restriction; even a 100-year-old person is welcome to join a virtual garba".



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