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Added on : 2019-05-25 19:51:20

“I convey my heartfelt gratitude to you all. The BJP chose me unanimously as the leader of the parliamentary party and all the NDA parties supported it and I am thankful for it,” PM Modi

Here are the highlights Modi Speech:

We are going to pursue a new journey here today. Pursue new India with a new energy.

In India, the election was a celebration in itself, the polling was also full of colours. But the Triumph was even more spectacular than that. India lovers from around the world have participated in the festival of election. This is a matter of pride for us.

These elections were pro-incumbency. This pro-incumbency wave is tied with the thread of trust...The trust was not only between people and govt but also among people themselves. This gave birth to that trust.

Today, all the senior colleagues of the NDA have blessed me. You have all chosen me as the leader. I consider this to be a part of the system. I am also one of you. I am equal to you. We have to walk shoulder by side.

‘We are for those who trusted us and also for those whose trust we have to win over,’ says Modi to NDA MPs.

This is for the first time in Independent India that such large number of women MPs are sitting in the Parliament. This has been made possible due to women power.

We are NA RA National Ambition, Regional Aspirations. NDA has two essential things; one is energy and second is synergy. NDA’s second name is energy.

Never believe anybody who says you are going to be a minister, it will all be according to norms. What we are is not because of Modi, it is because of the people.

Even though I am the Prime Minister of India, I do not want to be treated differently. I don’t want to be treated differently at the airport, I want to stand in the line for security check, the party worker in us should always be alive.

Minorities have been kept in fear, used in elections. We have to end this cycle.

We have worked for Sabka Saath (Everyone’s support), Sabka Vikas (Everyone’s growth), now we have to strive for Sabka Vishwas (Everyone’s faith). Every government does something or the other. We are not here to do few things; we are here to do a lot of things.



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