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Added on : 2024-06-22 07:16:24

The central government on Friday notified the Public Examinations (Prevention of Unfair Means) Act, 2024, which aims to prevent unfair means in public examinations and common entrance tests held across the country.

The law, which was passed by the Parliament in February this year, proposes a punishment of a minimum of three to five years of imprisonment to curb cheating and for those involved in organised crimes of cheating will face five to 10 years of imprisonment and a minimum fine of Rs 1 crore.

If a person or a group of persons commits an organised crime, including the examination authority, service provider, or any other institution, they will be punished with imprisonment for a term not less than five years but which may extend to ten years, and a fine not less than Rs 1 crore, the law states.

The law also has provisions to attach and forfeit the property of an institution if they are found involved in an organised paper leak crime, and the proportionate cost of the examination shall also be recovered from it.

The offences that come under the law are non-bailable. Any officer not below the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police or Assistant Commissioner of Police can investigate any offence under the Act. Additionally, the central government has the power to refer any investigation to a central agency.

The Act covers examinations held by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), the Staff Selection Commission, the Railways, banking recruitment examinations, and all computer-based examinations conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA)

Editor & Publisher : Dr Dhimant Purohit


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