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Added on : 2020-10-12 13:50:17

By- Dakshesh Pathak

57 grand slams between 3 top tennis players in 15 years. Virtually swept everything away since 2006. The history of tennis never witnessed such clean sweeps by 3 giants before this. Federer 20, Rafa 20 and Djokovic 17, swept away 57 out of 60 grand slams among them. Federer won his first in 2003 and Rafa and Djoko entered the race in 2006, so the real competition started from 2006. Imagine, had Rafa not injured himself and didn't skip some grand slams for 4 years, all 60 grand slams in 15 years would have gone to either of these 3 giants. What an era, what a class. Federer's elegance, Rafa's swift movements and Djoko's ruthless power at times graced the tennis arena for a decade and a half like never before. Even the fierce battles between Borg, Connors and McEnroe, the neck to neck title fights between Lendl, Wilander, Becker and Edberg, then Sampras, Courier and Chang or even the timeless class of Arthur Ashe or Rod Laver, could not muster or accumulate such a huge number of collective titles amongst them.  To be precise, not even half in 15 years by other greats, like what these 3 current players won. The dominance will continue for another 5 years it seems looking at the fittest Federer's reluctance to retire at 39 and the fit Rafa and Djoko in their early 30s. What an era, how great players lucky are we.

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