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Added on : 2020-03-19 18:20:41

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused a global panic, and self-quarantine is the most effective way to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

So how can one quarantine themselves:

  1. Stay Home: Don’t leave your house unless absolutely necessary. If you want to go out wear a mask and don’t share towels. Don’t use public transport as well.
  2. Use Hand Sanitizers: Use tissues and hand sanitizers that have at least 60% alcohol. If you don’t have sanitizers than you can use soap and water to wash your hands.
  3. Monitor your Temperature: Check your temperature at least twice a day. Watch your symptoms like fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, headache or difficulty in breathing.
  4. Wash and clean surfaces: Wash and clean surfaces like doorknobs, counter, toilet, phones, bathroom fixtures, keyboards, laptop, tablet, bedside tables to avoid spreading the virus.
  5. Always cover your mouth while sneezing and coughing. Also, wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use alcohol-based sanitisers, with at least 60 per cent alcohol content.
  6. Don't share household items: During self-quarantine, do not share household items like towels, utensils, and drinking glasses with someone else.
  7. Stay in a proper ventilated room. Use an air conditioner or open windows.
  8. Clean clothes: Wear clothes that have been washed properly.
  9. Stock up on food for the quarantine time period. Choose meals that require less work and are stress free.
  10. If your health worsens during self-quarantine period, seek medical help immediately.  



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