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Added on : 2020-06-21 15:14:22

Yoga is an ancient tradition of about 5000 years in India. Yoga is considered a wonderful science of harmony between body and soul. With an aim to spread awareness about this ancient method, Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi decided to celebrate it as World Day in front of the world, resulting in International Yoga Day on 21 June every year.While there is no need for any special day to connect with yoga, 21 June is celebrated as International Yoga Day which is a matter of pride for every Indian.This International Yoga Day i.e June 21, 2020 is a bit different this time because the whole world is struggling with the corona pendemic and at the same time there is a solar eclipse on this day, now we will talk about it in detail with National Yoga Champion Mahek Thakur Sinha who will explain us why the importance of yoga has increased even more in this corona period.

Mahek states that "By doing yoga our immunity increases day by day and our physical system works smoothly, at the same time, doing yoga exercises stabilizes our mental balance and also intensifies intelligence.Some people confine yoga to exercise only, but meditating with yogic kriyas , doing pranayama are being helpful in the development of immunity. 
Yoga as a career is a great option for yoga teachers from India to abroad today. The demand of Indian yoga teachers is increasing day by day , if we indians support and teach yoga to all then we will be able to give the message of peace and better health to the whole world easily.

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