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Added on : 2019-03-17 15:31:38

UK Based NRI suffered a big setback as he lost the battle for custody of his love child to his Ex- girlfriend. A daughter was born to them in July 2008. Her husband and in-laws accepted her back with the child. On her return to India, the woman filed a suit in a Valsad court for permanent custody of the child. A year later, differences arose between them, and the woman returned India with the child. When Patel came to know about this, he also demanded the child’s custody, but the court granted him visitation rights only. Patel approached the high court questioning the lower court’s order and asserted his claim to custody as the biological father.

A 11-year-old girl told the court that she is happy with the family in India, but also the court canceled the biological Father’s visitation right. The main reason for the high court to cancel the visitation right was the child complained before the court that her father kept inquiring with her school authorities about whether she had trained menarche. Now NRI Patel won’t be able to spend a vacation with his daughter anymore.




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