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Added on : 2019-05-20 20:14:52

Do you know touching some body parts might be risky? Even though you wash your hands properly with soap or hand wash. They can still do the work of germ transmission.

Here are some body part you should never touch with your hands:


Eyes are really very sensitive; you should keep your hands away from them until you are washing something out of your eye. If you touch your eyes with hands full of germs, you simply increase the transfer of germs. Pinkeye or other infections can be caused due to those germs.


Bacteria such as staph might be having a home there under the skin of your nails, so you should keep short nails to avoid the chances of having bacteria.


If you always put your fingers or anything in your ears, then you should avoid doing this. Studies say that, if you put anything into the ear canal can tear the thin skin that lines the ear canal. So what to do if you feel an itching sensation in your ears? You must visit a doctor because that is ideal for you and your health.


In various studies, patients of ear, nose, and throat, nose pickers were 51% more likely to carry staph bacteria in their noses than those who kept their hands away from their noses. You should stop doing this because it is very dangerous for your health.


Touch your face with your hands only when you are washing your face or applying the cream on it. Try not to touch your face unnecessarily because your hands are loaded with germs and if you touch your hands with those germy hands then the germs can stick to your skin causing further skin problems. Skin problems like acne and blackheads might also cause due to the oil that enters into your skin pores.

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