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Added on : 2019-10-23 19:07:31

As much as Diwali seems like the festival of crackers and fireworks, that is not true. Diwali is the festival of light! But it’s difficult to stop bursting crackers. But there are some risks associated with the festival that needs to be taken care of.

Remember this dos and don’ts for a Prosperous Diwali:

Do’s for a Safe Diwali:

  1. Always purchase fireworks from licensed sellers.
  2. Burst crackers in an open space and make sure that there is no combustible or inflammatory substance around.
  3. Do remember to read the instructions printed on the label of crackers, especially if the cracker is new to use.
  4. While burning the cracker, maintain a safe distance.
  5. Keep burn ointments, a bucketful of water and fire extinguishers as a first-aid handy.
  6. In the case of minor burns, splash cold water on the affected area. Cover it with a moist sterile bandage and immediately visit the doctor.
  7. While bursting crackers, tie your hair properly, especially if you have long hair.
  8. Take special care of kids while bursting crackers.
  9. Wear footwear while lighting fireworks.

Don’ts for a safe Diwali:

  1. Don’t wear silk, synthetic or flowing garments as they are prone to catching fire quickly.
  2. Don’t light crackers in hand.
  3. Don’t leave the crackers around burning candles or diyas.
  4. Never burst crackers near electric poles and wires.
  5. Never fall half-burnt crackers on road.
  6. Avoid tampering with crackers if they take longer to burst. Maintain a safe distance from the cracker and pour water to diffuse it.
  7. Don’t burst crackers near stray animals, on road around vehicles or near hospitals.

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