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Added on : 2024-02-21 15:23:45

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully tested the cryogenic engine for the unmanned Gaganyaan (G1) mission on Wednesday (February 21) that will be the first to take Indian astronauts to space, marking a leap forward to accomplishing the mission.

ISRO's Gaganyaan mission cleared another hurdle as the space agency announced that the upcoming mission CE20 cryogenic engine is ‘human-rated’ now and will power the upper stage of the LVM3 vehicle. The space agency in a social media post on X (formerly Twitter) tweeted, "ISRO's CE20 cryogenic engine is now human-rated for Gaganyaan missions. Rigorous testing demonstrates the engine’s mettle. The CE20 engine identified for the first uncrewed flight LVM3 G1 also went through acceptance tests."

Editor & Publisher : Dr Dhimant Purohit


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