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Added on : 2019-05-29 21:22:48

Kidney stones are a common health problem for many people. The size of the kidney stone may vary; it can be as small as a grain or even a large marble. These stones can be very painful and can cause discomfort while passing urine.


The most common symptom of kidney stone is severe pain on the side of the lower back. Symptoms other than pain may include:

  • Blood in urine
  • Nausea
  • Chills
  • Frequent need to urinate
  • Fever
  • Foul smelling urine


Here are home remedies for kidney stones:


Drinking water is one of the easiest ways to prevent and treat kidney stones. Most health authorities recommend drinking 64 ounces (oz) or eight glasses of water per day. Drinking 12 glasses per day may help ease the passage or slow the growth of deposits in the kidneys.

Lemon juice

Lemons contain citrate, a compound that helps break down calcium deposits and slow their growth. Two 5-oz glasses, the first on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and another a few hours before dinner, may help break down smaller stones.


Basil contains compounds known to help stabilize uric acid levels, making it harder for kidney stones to form. Also, basil contains acetic acid, a chemical known to help dissolve stones. One teaspoon of basil extract or pure juice per day may help prevent and treat kidney stones.

Wheatgrass juice

Green smoothie surrounded by wheatgrass shoots. Wheatgrass juice can help to expel minerals and salts from the urinary tract, preventing them from crystalizing into kidney stones. Wheatgrass contains compounds that increase urine production, allowing stones to pass more easily and reducing the risk of their formation. Wheatgrass also contains antioxidants, which help rid the urinary tract of minerals and salts. The urinary benefits of wheatgrass are best obtained by consuming 2- to 8-oz of pure extract or juice daily.

Celery juice or seed

Celery contains antioxidants and compounds known to increase urine production. Adding celery seeds to meals on a regular basis may help reduce the likelihood of developing kidney stones. One or two celery stalks can also be blended with water to create celery juice. Celery juice can be consumed daily to help treat kidney stone symptoms.

Pomegranate juice

The astringent and antioxidant properties of pomegranates are thought to reduce the chances of developing kidney stones and ease their passage. Pomegranate juice also contains compounds that lower the acidity of urine, making it harder for stones to form. Buying whole pomegranates and eating their seeds or juicing them is the easiest way to get these health benefits.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid. Acetic acid helps to dissolve kidney stones. In addition to flushing out the kidneys, apple cider vinegar can help ease pain caused by the stones. There are numerous other health benefits of apple cider vinegar.


When to see a doctor?

A person should seek immediate medical attention if severe pain presents in the lower abdomen or genitals. Many kidney stones are treatable using fluid therapy and pain medications.

Symptoms that should be assessed by a doctor include:

  • persistent lower abdominal or lower back pain lasting more than 4 weeks
  • fever or chills
  • vomiting
  • nausea
  • bloody urine
  • loss of consciousness
  • painful urination
  • cloudy or foul smelling urine

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