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Added on : 2019-09-02 19:03:25

From the air you breathe to certain foods you eat, there are hundreds of things that can increase your risk of getting cancer.

Here we have listed everyday activities that can give you cancer in the long run:

Air pollution:

Smoke generated by automobiles having huge engines (trucks, trains, ships, buses, generators and some cars), that run on diesel is actually a cocktail of chemical extracts that have been linked to lung cancer and other rare cancers of esophagus, stomach and urinary bladder.

Drinking Tap Water:

These days, everything is polluted from air to water. Drinking unfiltered water just like tap water can cause cancer in your body. It is better to conduct at-home filtration before drinking tap water.

Room fresheners:

Most products that we use in our home for cleaning purpose actually work to deteriorate our health. Best example of this is air fresheners/room fresheners. The sweet fragrance of room fresheners may energize you when you enter your home. But do you know what chemicals they contain? The fragrance is usually because of formaldehyde or napthelene. And, both of them are carcinogenic.

Manicure and Pedicure:

Sorry ladies but if you are addicted to these, stop it right away. The chemicals used in these procedures may cause skin cancer. Even manicurists are also at risk of developing cancer.

Drinking Extremely Hot Drinks:

Indians cannot live without a hot cup of tea especially during cold weather. While it is okay to drink a hot beverage, drinking overly hot drinks (temperature above 140 degrees Fahrenheit)is linked with esophageal cancer.


Although you may have heard that a cup of coffee can help you to prevent your risk of cancer, it’s not completely effective. Extensive review of studies on carcinogenicity of caffeine has shown that coffee plays a dual role. Coffee, or precisely, caffeine has been linked to both increase and decrease in growth of cancerous cells. The kind of effect it may have on our cells depends on its concentration, the type of cells it targets and whether it is used with other carcinogenic substances like alcohol.


With every peg or shot of alcohol you gulp (beyond the standard guidelines), your risk of developing cancer increases. IARC recognizes alcohol not just as a carcinogen but also as a co-carcinogen, a substance which enhances the effect of a carcinogen in developing cancer. Meaning, the chances of getting cancer are increased if alcohol is taken with other carcinogens like cigarettes.

Passive Smoking:

Even if you don’t smoke, you are at risk of getting cancer due to secondhand smoke. Try to avoid smoke as much as possible to reduce the risk of getting cancer.

Wearing drycleaned clothes:

The process of dry cleaning uses a chemical named ‘perc’ which is hazardous for human health. People who get their clothes drycleaned very often are at serious risk of developing kidney, esophagus and bladder cancer.

Food preservatives:

All packaged foods contain some kind of preservatives which are added to increase their shelf-life. And, according to IARC, additives like sodium nitrite and nitrates are probable carcinogens that increase the risk of bowel cancer.

UV radiation from the sun and artificial sources:

Direct exposure to UV radiation is a common cause of skin cancers. The American Cancer Society mentions that the risk of skin cancer depends on the amount of time spent under direct sun. Factors like taking sun bath on beaches for recreation, living in areas with direct sunlight, sunburns or using artificial UV radiation sources like tanning beds further increase the risk of cancer.



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